Community Business Directories – Benefits of Neighborhood Referrals

Many neighborhoods across the country are setting up their own community business directories. Community directories add an element that many online business directories leave out – reviews. By allowing members of a community to review particular businesses or services they’ve used, neighbors across the community have access to a complete referral system perfect for any community. This referral system allows clients to have all of their questions answered before hiring a business as well as creating a few other benefits of using a system with ratings, reviews and neighborhood recommendations.

Safety – With so many new businesses popping up each day, it’s hard to know who may be coming into your home. Community business directories allow people to see reviews and ratings of local businesses by their neighbors and friends, eliminating the worry about strangers in the home.

Quality – By hiring businesses that have been referred and reviewed by local members of the community, people know exactly what they are getting when they hire a service. Members of the community can review all businesses they’ve experienced, both good and bad, but only refer those who have shown quality work and behavior.

Reliability – The only businesses referred in a community business directory are those that have shown reliable work in the past. There is never any question of businesses reliability when they have been referred within the community.

Business Standards – When using the service of a business referred in a community business directory, people know they are dealing with businesses with high standards. Members of the community will refer only businesses that have shown high standards and services.

Involvement – When people participate in their community business directories, they are able to involve them and be an active part of the community. By rating, reviewing and referring businesses, people are also helping the community around them find quality businesses that offer quality in their work.

Most importantly, the involvement of community and neighborhood business directories allows people to hire businesses to work for them without having to ask any questions. The use of a proven and preferred referral system allows people to know exactly you they hire and invite into their home before they even speak to a business.

Written Communication & Business Writing Rules

While it may be frustrating to follow business writing rules, there is at least one good reason why you should.

I saw a newspaper article the other day that raised the issue of writing styles among generations. It reported that younger generations wanted more relaxed rules for writing, and “… what was wrong with that?”

It’s an appealing argument on several levels. After all, isn’t it more important that we’re free to express ourselves, rather than chain ourselves to conventions that may be outdated? And, why should those rules, some of them created hundreds of years ago, enslave us, so to speak?

While the argument has its appeals, it also has a fatal flaw. And that flaw is this: We should write for others, and not ourselves. In other words, the point of writing is to communicate with another person, and so what we write and how we write it should address their needs, not our own.

Now, that’s a fairly straightforward idea in publications where you pay to read the content, and in love letters, too, I suppose. But, the idea also holds in other circumstances. As I’ve written elsewhere, all communication has a strategic component. That is, we want something from our communication, even in the most mundane of circumstances.

To get back to the issue I raised at the beginning of this article, we should obey the grammatical rules or business writing rules because they help others read and understand what we’ve written.

Even a rule as minor as avoiding prepositions at the ends of sentences helps others understand what we’ve written, and therefore has value. Would others still understand me if I ended a sentence with a preposition? Probably, but it may reduce the impact of my message.

And since getting as much response as possible is the usual goal of business writers, that’s an excellent argument for following business writing rules.

Communication Business Skills

Written business skills are vital because most people spend a great deal of time writing. People communicate through faxes, email, inter-office memos, white papers, proposals, resumes, reports, and many more. People spend hours in email communicating to staff members and even clients. Written communication business skills are important. You must know proper writing etiquette in the professional world.

Social networking is difficult for a lot of people. Not everyone good at making small talk, even though it is extremely important. Having the ability to socially network with other people in your industry is an advantage. In the professional world, it is all about who you know and if you can socially communicate well, you will be successful.

Speaking is another one of the business skills that comes easy for some and difficult for others. You might be required to give presentations to staff members or board members. If you have difficulty speaking in public or to groups, your message may not be delivered as you wish. The last thing you want is people focusing on your nervousness and not the message you are trying to convey.

Communication business skills include sales also. You must be able to sell if you want to be persuasive. Your job might not be selling any tangible item. However, you may need to convince management of ideas you might have or employees to help motivate them. The ability to sell something comes naturally for some, and is very uncomfortable for others. The ability to sell is a skill that can help people be very successful in the business world, and will take you far with your career if you can master this skill.

Negotiation is another business skill that is a must. You must have the ability to negotiate. If you cannot negotiate, you cannot work in management. You need to have the ability to negotiate a salary. If you cannot negotiate, you might be working for much less than the company would have been willing to pay you. Never settle for less. Negotiation skills allow you to help a company in many ways and a business will recognize someone with negotiation business skills as a big asset.

There are many business skills you need to be able to communicate effectively to staff, employees, and even vendors. Without the ability to communicate through writing, oral, sales, negotiation, and social networking you risk offending others, losing out on big deals, and more. Communication is one of the most important business skills you need to succeed and you need to be able to communicate in all of these ways in order to consider yourself a successful business person.